Wolf Haley is the evil alter ego of Tyler, The Creator. 
Wolf down

Wolf, After Being Beat Up

He is one of the main protagonists in the WOLF story arc, beginning in the self-

titled album, WOLF. Although not mentioned in the first album, BASTARD, he is mentioned / heard more often with WOLF and GOBLIN. 

In real life terms, it's an alias for Tyler whenever he directs a video / movie such as Sam (Is Dead) and the WOLF movie.


Wolf Haley has been the alias Tyler, The Creator uses whenever he directs a video or a movie. He is also the main character in Wolf (Album).


Wolf Haley is credited towards creating the WOLF movie, as in regular CD copies of WOLFthe lyric book's cover shows the WOLF logo and under it says "Screenplay by Wolf Haley". In the back of the book, it shows the logo reversed and instead of saying "Screenplay by Wolf Haley", it says "THANK YOU" backwards.


Wolf Haley's Screenplay

With the story set within WOLF, it's mainly set in Camp Flog Gnaw, which is where Wolf is admitted to in the beginning of the album. There, he meets Sam and Dr. TC (although he acts like more of a camp counselor) and soon after is treated badly by Sam himself. 

The whole album revolves a love triangle with WOLF, SAM, and SALEM. On the track Cowboy, the ending skit is Wolf walking from a session with Dr. TC and confronting Sam about Salem, his girlfriend. 

Tyler, The Creator - Bimmer ft

Tyler, The Creator - Bimmer ft. Frank Ocean

Wolf With Salem

On the track "PartyIsntOver/ Campfire/ Bimmer", it's about Wolf asking Salem out, then having sex, and soon becoming her boyfriend. The tracks afterwards are about Sam, his backstory (Pigs), his reaction to Salem cheating on him (IFHY), and his revenge (Rusty). 

Wolf is portrayed in the videos as Tyler wearing a hat and shirt both saying "GOLF". 

Wolf Is Seen In :

  • Bimmer
  • Domo23 
  • Wolf (Movie Trailer)
  • IFHY (As Sam)




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Sam (Is Dead) poster, crediting Tyler as "Wolf Haley".

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